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Are you a realtor? We are dedicated to helping our real estate agents grow their business while keeping them educated.

  1. Close your client’s mortgage fast! (12-day closings)
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  3. Training

From guessing to fast closings.

At GVC Mortgage we implemented a process in 2006 that was driven for purchase business and takes away any confusion from the mortgage process. Let’s take a simple scenario that happens daily in this industry.

You receive a phone call from a possible interested buyer on a Tuesday evening. You ask the client if they have been pre-qualified by a bank or lender for mortgage financing. The client states they haven’t had the time to do so yet so the Realtor suggest calling a bank or a lender. Here is where most lenders and banks drop the ball!

Our Mortgage Bankers will answer your call on a Tuesday night and we have a phone system operating 24 hours a day to direct you to a live person to get assistance. Our consultant takes the application Tuesday night and immediately reviews the credit. Then the Mortgage Banker informs the client that they will get back with them in the morning. The next morning that file is placed into underwriting where the underwriter who will handle the file throughout the mortgage process issues a pre-qualification that same day.

That is why our slogan is “Less Confusion. Less Stress”

Realtor Marketing Support

Any realtor can connect with us in Ohio and we will connect you to “List Reports”.

Wow your clients and close more deals with beautiful, proven marketing material delivered straight to your inbox. 100% free for real estate agents. Just connect with us with an email or a quick phone call…

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We offer the following marketing support for any realtor in NW Ohio.

  • Open House & Promotional Flyers (digital copies)
  • Property Websites
  • Property Reports (digital)
  • Pre-Listing Presentations
  • Neighborhood Infographics
  • Reusable sign riders
  • Postcards
  • Go green flyers
  • Open house sign in sheets
  • Payment flyer
  • Facebook FastBlasts


We provide in-your-office training on all the mortgage programs that we lend. From FHA, 203k, USDA, Conventional, and even those Doctor’s loans. We are happy to setup a time to stop by your office and hold a mortgage training.

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