Looking to buy a home? Here is the game… bring as little cash to close as possible.

Most buyers should try to bring as little “CASH $$” to the closing as possible!

Why “Little Cash to Close”?

Well… if you are going to put 20% as a down payment. GREAT! You can skip the rest of this article!

If you don’t have $20,000+ to put down on a home… then this article is for YOU! Start with this video!

When you buy a home. What drains your bank account?

#1 – Your down payment. Our goal is to offer you 100% financing or a low down payment. CASH IS KING! Keep your cash… Learn how to qualify here!

#2 – Your closing costs. Closing your mortgage has associated closing costs… Here is the SECRET! The buyer can often contribute up to 6% of the purchase price towards your closing costs!

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Wait a minute!!

Our mortgage company can finance 100% of your mortgage (or require a low down payment)…


The seller can GIFT you CASH – up to 6% of the purchase price – towards your closing costs!!


When you go and rent a home…

What does the landlord require?

Often the first months rent (let’s say $1,000) PLUS++ your security deposit (let’s say another $1,000)… That is $2,000 before you’ve lived in the rental property!

Look at your mortgage options…

#1 We have 100% financing options for you if you qualify (or a low down payment option)
#2 We can guide you on getting the seller to pay as much of your closing costs as possible!

START today by applying. We’ll guide you each step of the way. 

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