You need to stand out when multiple offers on a home are presented!

With lower home inventory and more buyers entering the market this spring there you may face the situation where there are multiple offers on your dream home!

I hate bidding wars…

But, does the seller want a bidding war or do they want to sell the home?

They want to sell their home!

How do you STAND OUT in a crowded market?

Some of those buyers are going to be using a traditional bank to finance their mortgage. That is GREAT NEWS for you!!

Why is that? Because a traditional bank will take 45 to 60 days to finance that home loan.


Tell them your mortgage lender will close in just 14 days! What? You bet!

How do we do it when there are multiple offers on a home?

With our local in-house underwriters your income and asset documents will be through underwriting in just ONE DAY!

We have over staffed our underwriting department so that we keep our turns times fast.

What normally takes the longest is getting your appraisal back!! We’ll push them as fast as possible to complete the report.

Your mortgage consultant at GVC Mortgage is here to give you and your realtor a pre-approval letter.

Most lenders issue basic pre-approval letters. That is ok. But our goal is to get your income and asset documents through underwriting in 1 day so you have a pre-approval based upon an underwriters review!

The underwriter reviewed pre-approval gives confidence to your realtor and the seller of the home.

Getting home loans done simply, fast and easy since 1996!

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